Behind the making of......

Behind the making of……

Track 01. Grunge Hotel from #posteuphoria2

I originally recorded this song in like June of 2012. Werewolf Hologram had already been out for a few months and I had begun working on new material already. But this was the 1st song that made me excited about the future. When I first started making beats without samples I was concerned I wasn’t playing the notes right. This beat was one of the 1st beats of that kind where I feel like I was no longer thinking about musicality or what was right or wrong and just doing my thing. The drums, especially the kicks where programmed live and just looped. No real editing or quantizing which gives the song the swing that in my opinion gives it life. Lyrically I was inspired by the idea that whatever point you are currently at in life is exactly where you should be and that you need to accept it and make the best of it. Like “this is it” and if you can’t find peace in that then you’re fucked. I also had a bit of a chip on my shoulder from a few reviews knocking my personality on record so I took it as a challenge to show that I have a big personality. The hook was supposed to just be a melody that I would fill in with lyrics later but ended deciding it was dope the way it was. I love playing shows and being able to get people to sing that with me. In the 25th hour we added the guitar as well as the “this is, this now” part and I feel like that really finished the song nicely. 

How this song made it onto PE2:

I wanted to keep it for the record because to me it was a great opening track. But as the concept of the album I am working on evolves I just decided that this song would no longer be as relevant. Especially because the beats are going to a whole other planet. So we ultimately decided it served a better purpose to be heard now.