HSB Tour Diary Day 1 and 2

Day 1-
rap rap rap! so me and Carnage literally talked about nothing but hiphop on our 3 hour flight to Phoenix yesterday. Then we went to visit Spans Phly’s Scottsdale mansion and talked about rap pretty much til we got the venue. It’s rap camp and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The show had a beautiful vibe it was a great tour kick-off. I realized a beautiful rock star thing last night. If you tell the crowd that you will be signing boobs after your set. I guess people don’t forget it and are more than happy to line up for a stamp of good ole’ skin bleaching sharpie blood. So I signed some posters. Carnage snores like a champ. I went to bed eating “Cheez its” in the dark.

We saw this on our way home from the venue, really humbling accident. I wanted to call home.

Day 2-
So we woke up and found our first tour quote “Why are cheez it’s so good?” I mean seriously is there a better snack? Cortez, CO was great. Some awesome fans drove all the way from Albuquerque and Farmington. I’m still amazed at how loud these dudes were singing along to the “100 Smiles And Runnin” material. we all killed it. After the show myself and Span went a Denny’s for some quality cancer causing food. I ordered some boneless chicken strip thingys and as I was taking a bite of the last one I noticed that the texture was really fatty and then I looked at the chicken and it wasn’t cooked. NOT COOL. Luckily I didn’t get sick but damn I’m paranoid.

Tour lesson of the day: Don’t eat meat you didn’t cook

I ate all of Carnage’s Doritos. So I got him some “Cheese Balls”