New Video! "Gentrified Utopia" just dropped on the inter webs.

The good folks at Surviving The Golden Age just premiered my new video Gentrified Utopia!!

Check out what they had to say about it here

Mercies May and I decided to visit an abandoned gas station and film an infomercial for yuppies. lol. My favorite part was when some crotchety lady across the street yelled "Hey dumb ass I just called the cops!" - CLASSIC

New Video "Breaking Up With Death" !!!

Dear fellow weirdos... I've been working on a new record and its almost finished....I couldn't wait any longer to share something new with you.....I wrote this song in response to a recent period in my life filled with some heavy losses. I was trying to find a light hearted way to come to terms with death being an unavoidable part of the human experience. The idea of attempting to break up with death is funny to me because it's impossible. No matter what we can't avoid our life long connection to it. Acceptance is our only choice.




When you grow up (like myself) without knowing what the other half of you came from you tend to have a lot of questions. Sometimes you create different scenarios in hopes that it will make more sense or justify your abandonment issues. A coping mechanism of sorts. This song was my attempt at reflecting that....