New single "Trusting The Universe" just dropped!

The concept behind this track is more of an aspirational idea v.s. a concrete statement. I was feeling like I needed to give my self a pep talk when I wrote this and remind the people around me that it's going to be okay no matter what ugly turns our world takes...Just keep doing dope shit.

One of my favorite things about this track was collaborating with my roommate at the time, Charlie Rauh. He's an awesome dude and extremely talented guitar player. We've now made a handful of really dope beats together but this was the first one. We just started messing around, sampling his guitar through some effects on an Organelle routed into Ableton Live and in a matter of minutes we had a foundation to build on. Essentially the first verse is what he and I made together and then from there I built the hook, verse 2 and the rest of the track from recycled elements of what we initially laid down so it evolves throughout.

You can directly support my efforts by purchasing the single from my bandcamp page (THANK YOU!!). The single will also be available on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Google Play, and wherever else you can stream, digest music in 2019.

- Jason/Ecid

New collaborative effort: TOYFRiEND

In the winter of 2014 I had the pleasure of joining my dear friend Louis Dorley on the "Rhyming Gosling tour". As with most indie-rap tours it was filled with it's fair share of ridiculous inside jokes, near mental break downs and "holy shit that was the best night ever!" moments. We bonded over our shared taste in music (esp. outside of hiphop) as well as a desire to explore a new creative frontier outside of our perceived bubbles...At that time I would have never thought we'd start an avant-garde indie pop band and I'd move to NYC.... 

A few months after that tour, when I was back in MPLS and Lou was in BK we started sending tracks back and forth. He'd send me a simple keyboard arrangement (using toy instruments) with some vocals on it, maybe a verse and a hooks worth. Then I'd take the WAV file and treat it like a sample, start manipulating it and sequencing drums (mostly derived from found sounds). After a few emails it would start to turn into a song...It was such a liberating feeling working on these early tracks. It really felt like we captured something new. Fast forward to 2017 and we present to you foolHearty,  a collection of 6 original songs and 2 covers. 

Click here to download the debut ep from Toyfriend for free on bandcamp: 

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New Video! "Gentrified Utopia" just dropped on the inter webs.

The good folks at Surviving The Golden Age just premiered my new video Gentrified Utopia!!

Check out what they had to say about it here

Mercies May and I decided to visit an abandoned gas station and film an infomercial for yuppies. lol. My favorite part was when some crotchety lady across the street yelled "Hey dumb ass I just called the cops!" - CLASSIC